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If you are thinking about making a change with rural area living or moving to a rural section of the United States this blog is for you! Over a year ago I moved to a new location and it was quite a shock to adjust to the rural area living way of life. I wanted to share tips and thoughts on my experiences to help you adjust to your rural living journey.

My journey began after living in suburban areas for all of my 50+ years. It was quite a change and I wanted to help others adjust to their new way of living a rural life.

about rural area living
What some rural areas may look like in the woods.

About Rural Area Living Blog

So this blog is about rural area living and will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a rural area. Not only that but tips to help you adjust to rural area life. You can read about shopping in rural areas or the wildlife you may have to deal with along the way. 

Some people never leave their state of origin; others have moved around more frequently and experienced different ways of living. That’s what makes living in the few rural states of the country so unique and different. They are changing rapidly today in the United States as people are moving from the cities to suburban and rural areas.  

I welcome comments on the blog posts so we can exchange conversations and ideas. Please also visit the resources page for more places to shop and get valuable information.

Mentioned on Small Biz Trends, January 2023.

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