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My Rural Life 3 Years Later – 6 Secrets Of The Slow Lane

My rural life adventure began over 3 years ago now. After 50+ years of suburban living, my husband and I decided to move to a rural area. It was a drastic change for us, and we had to make a lot of adjustments. Initially, it was a challenge, but as time went on, I fell in love with my new rural life lifestyle.

Fast forward three years later, and I’m happy to say that I’m still enjoying my rustic life. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my experiences of living in a rural area and what I’ve learned along the way as we recently went back to our old suburban town last week.

Going Back To The Old Way Of Life

The first thing I notice when we travel back to our old area is that there are many signs along the roadways and so much more traffic. I never realized how stressful driving in traffic can be.

Once we get into the old area and try to visit a store, the parking lots are full and the lines to check out are long and slow. If we spend time outdoors there are no longer lengthy peaceful moments. You have traffic swirling by and loud airplanes flying overhead.

When I lived there, I never really noticed these things.  It was always that way.

The stress of driving in traffic is real.

1. My Rural Community

The Importance of Community – Living in a rural area means that you’re closer to your neighbors than you would be in a city, and forming connections with those around you is essential.

Over the 3 years, I’ve met some fantastic and supportive people who have become close friends. These relationships have been invaluable to me, particularly during challenging times in my rural life.

Being a part of a community gives you a sense of belonging and provides you with social support. However, it may take time to break into the tight-knit communities that have grown up in rural towns.

2. Simplicity In Rural Towns

The Value of Simplicity – Life in a remote area is not as fast-paced as it is in the city. You don’t feel the pressure to keep up with the latest trends, and there isn’t as much emphasis on material possessions.

Living in a more rustic setting has taught me to appreciate the simple things in life that we often take for granted. For instance, I now watch Hummingbirds, enjoy taking walks, more birdwatching, and gardening – activities that I previously might have overlooked.

It has also given me a chance to reconnect with nature.

my rural life
My rural life recent adventure with my husband out exploring other areas outside of our community.

3. Self Reliance Is A Must

You learn to become self-reliant in a rural setting.  In a city, you can access everything you need to survive with ease. However, living in a rural area often means that you have to be more self-reliant. The nearest grocery or convenience store can be miles away, and the weather can be unpredictable.

I’ve had to learn to manage my resources carefully and become more sustainable in how we live in our rural town.

For example, I now stock up on supplies whenever we got to the nearest big town over an hour away. We have 2nd freezer to do that as well as our own garden.

4. The Sounds of Silence

The beauty of silence can be amazing.  One of the most significant differences between living in the city and living in the countryside is the noise level. In the city, there’s always something happening, and it can be tough to find a moment of peace.

In contrast, living in a rural area provides you with an abundance of quiet moments, allowing you to enjoy your environment fully. The quiet can be meditative and immensely refreshing. At first, it felt like I was the only one in the world being outside in the early morning hours.

We live on a main road and oftentimes hear a little traffic going by but on some days it can be quite a while before anyone drives by.

This video below was taken yesterday when we visited a nearby rural town. It looked peaceful until I got out of the truck.

5. Improved Health

Improved physical and mental health for many who move to rural areas can be had. The rustic life comes with certain lifestyle differences that can have a positive impact on your health. For instance, the air quality is generally better, and there’s less pollution.

There is also abundant access to outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, and horse riding, which is fantastic for physical fitness.

I’ve also found that my mental health has improved since moving to the rural area due to lower stress levels. My rural living has decreased my blood pressure and medications for it.

6. Connecting In Nature

The rural area has offered me an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The natural beauty that surrounds me is awe-inspiring.

I get to see sunsets and sunrises that take my breath away. Walking through the hiking trails and forests is one of my favorite pastimes.

nature trails
One of my favorite flowers can be seen along the hiking trails in my rural surroundings.

There is something so calming about being surrounded by mother nature. I have also been able to get into gardening, which has been a fulfilling experience. I get to grow my food and have an appreciation for the work that goes into producing it.

Conclusion of My Rural Life

Living in a rural area has provided me with endless opportunities for personal growth, connecting with nature, making meaningful social connections, and exploring new skills. These experiences have taught me that a slower pace of life can significantly enhance my quality of life.

Do I miss the convenience of city life? Sometimes I do. But when I reflect on the benefits of rural living,

I wouldn’t trade it back for city life for anything. Overall, the rustic life has been a fantastic and fulfilling journey that I look forward to continuing. How do you like living in your rural surroundings? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

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