rural area life
Living your best life in a rural area of the country.

Rural Area Life

Living in a rural area is very different from living in large town areas or cities. Learn how to survive and thrive living in rural areas with our rural area examples throughout each blog post.

This website and blog will provide tips and tricks on how to live a great rural area life especially if you grow up in a city area of the country.

The characteristics of rural areas are very different from those living in larger areas or cities. The rural area vs urban area offers a slower pace of life and the opportunity to be more self-sufficient.

Things To Consider For Life In Rural Areas

There are many things to consider when making the transition to rural area living. The first thing to do is research the area you are considering moving to.

Many people ask: Is it hard to live in rural areas?


Make sure there are resources available that you will need, such as a grocery store, gas station, and medical care. It is also important to have a plan for heating and cooling your home, as life in rural areas often has extreme weather conditions and more bugs.

You may find it more expensive to heat your home or to use more air conditioning as the temperatures may be more extreme in these more remote areas of the country.

Transportation In Rural America

Another thing to consider is your transportation options. The roads in these areas may not be as easy to navigate or drive on. You may need special tires and vehicles to get around safely.

In a rural area, public transportation may not be available, so you will need to have a reliable vehicle. Finally, be prepared to make some lifestyle changes.

rural roads
You may find the rural roads a little harder to drive on and may need special vehicles or tires to get around.

In a rural area, you will likely have less free time and fewer entertainment or shopping options.


However, you will also have the opportunity to slow down, enjoy nature, and live a more simple life. With some planning and preparation, you can learn to love your rural area life.

You may even find it cheaper to purchase land in rural towns and save money in other ways you didn’t know were possible.

rural area living
You may love your decision to change to a rural area life after you settle in.

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