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7 Notable Free Ways To Find Community News In A Rural Area

Moving to a new rural community can be exciting but also overwhelming when it comes to staying informed of the local community news and events. It can feel impossible to keep up with the latest happenings when there are limited television stations, radio waves, and fewer if any local newspapers.

But staying informed in a rural community is not only possible but it can be done. Let’s dive into how you can stay well-informed without having to miss out on any big news or events in your local rural town.

Signing Up for Local Newsletters

One of the easiest ways you can stay on top of all the community news and events in your area is by signing up for local newsletters. Many local businesses and organizations offer these emails in order to keep their customers updated on any special promotions or deals they may have going on.

Signing up for such newsletters will ensure that you’re always in the know about what’s happening around town, as well as allow you to support local businesses. Where we live the Chamber of Commerce sends out a weekly, what’s happening in town newsletter.

It’s mostly for local events in the area. If you have friends in the area be sure to pass it on and share that with them.

community events
The chamber is a great way to find local community events in your rural area.

Joining Local Groups

Another great way of staying informed is by joining local groups or clubs. Whether it’s an outdoor activities group, sports team, or book club. Joining such groups will give you access to information about any upcoming events and gatherings that may interest you.

You’ll also get the added benefit of meeting like-minded people living nearby and can even join forces with them if organizing something new. You may find some of these at your local library.

Recently, I began taking tai chi classes at our local fitness center. It is a great way to meet new like minded people.

Volunteer In Rural Community

This past summer I volunteered at a local health and fitness center in our rural area. It was a nice way to meet some local people and learn what other things were going on in our area.

With most small businesses today looking for help, it is easy to be able to volunteer anywhere in your area that you would enjoy being part of.

help wanted
A local restaurant looking for help on social media.

You don’t have to go daily and most likely you will be able to make your own schedule volunteering. Most places don’t expect volunteers to make a commitment every day; many times they just need someone who can come in once per week or even less frequently than that depending on their needs.

You can usually work with them directly on setting up your own schedule so that it works with your other commitments as well.

More Reasons To Volunteer

Volunteering is an excellent way to contribute to your local community. Not only are you helping out a business or organization, but you are also gaining valuable skills and developing relationships with the people who live there.

You get the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a difference and that you have contributed to the overall well-being of your community. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about what else is going on in your area.

Volunteering also looks great on resumes, especially if you are applying for jobs or internships in related fields. Employers like seeing applicants who have taken the initiative and made an effort to give back to their communities. It shows them that you are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Even if the job or internship doesn’t require volunteer experience, employers will often take it into consideration when making decisions about applicants.

Following Social Media Pages For News In Your area

Social media pages are another powerful tool for keeping up with all that’s going on around town. Following pages dedicated solely to your local area will help keep you in touch with what’s being discussed among locals.

Additionally, these pages often post job openings or other opportunities available near you so be sure to check them out if searching for a job or to volunteer as well.

I’ve found a few great rural groups on alternative social media networks:

  • MeWe – An active rural group on the Facebook alternative social media network.
  • Gab – Another alternative social media network with a very active rural life group. They also have a country living group.

These groups discuss all kinds of topics and photos about rural living from growing your own food to beautiful photographs of nature in rural settings.

mewe community news
A rural group on MeWe and others and be found on Gab as well.

TV, Radio, and Newspaper For Rural News

You may find some radio or TV stations but oftentimes, it is not the case. In our area, we cannot get any radio stations though there is one available on AM radio. However, it can be streamed if you have good internet service in your area.

Part of the problem is not only connectivity but finding people to work at these community news stations as well.

The same can be said for local community news papers in rural areas. I met the person who manages ours and she is the only employee at the paper. It is a weekly publication and costs $1.00 at the local stores.

However, there is another monthly community news publication that is FREE and comes in the mail each month.

Get Out and About

The first step to becoming part of the community is getting out of your house and into the community. Go for walks around your neighborhood or drive around town, keeping an eye out for places such as churches, libraries, schools, or small businesses where people are gathering together.

These are great opportunities for meeting new people who may be able to give you insight into what’s happening in your town.

community news at churches
Churches have always been a source of community news throughout the ages.

Talk To Neighbors For Community Happenings

Most rural towns will have neighbors that have lived there their entire lives. Reach out and introduce yourself. You never know who might have some insight into local news or events that they would be willing to share with you.

Additionally, talking with your neighbor could help build relationships within your community that could last for years. However, don’t give up if they are not too friendly the first time you meet.


Staying informed in a rural community does not have to be difficult—all it takes is a bit of effort from your end. Signing up for local newsletters, joining relevant groups, and following social media pages are some great ways of making sure that you don’t miss out on any important news or events taking place around town.

With this knowledge under your belt, we hope all our readers living in rural communities feel better prepared when it comes to staying up-to-date with everything happening around them!

How are you staying on top of the local happenings in your area? Please drop a comment below to share your tips with us.

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