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2024 Election Trends: Mystery of Missing Political Signs in Town

Yesterday we took a ride from Western Maine to northern New Hampshire on our trike. When we arrived in New Hampshire we saw several political signs for governors and former President Trump.

It made me wonder as we rode through the mountains on this beautiful Sunday, where are all the political signs in our rural town? Back in 2020 almost every business in town had a message plastered on their property for the presidential race and local candidates.

Maine vs. New Hampshire

Could it be that the voting starts in New Hampshire first at midnight and that is why so many signs are now being displayed at homes and businesses? Maybe Mainers are still in vacation mode in vacationland and will begin to awaken towards the end of July.

It was one of our first trips in a while that we did not see any moose along the side of the road. Maybe all the vacation travellers scared them back into the woods and up the mountain hills.

Custom Political Signs

I saved a few pictures of the political signs in private yards and businesses over the years. Some of these creative signs also appeared on the water like this one below.

trump sign 2020

People really got clever making their political signs in yards that appeared everywhere in the rural town back in 2020. Even other towns travelling through Maine back in 2020 were filled with the signs for Presidents Trump and Biden.

Creating Your Own Signs

Creating effective political signage involves a mix of sharp wit and clear messaging. Use bold colors and large fonts to ensure your sign stands out. Keep the message short, no more than a few words, so it’s easy to read at a glance.

Humor and clever wordplay can engage and intrigue people, making your point memorable. Use images or symbols to reinforce your message visually.

Always consider your audience and tailor the tone to resonate with them. You will need high-quality materials to make your sign durable and professional-looking, helping it withstand the elements and maintain its impact.

Other Signage

Back a few winters ago we spotted this one in New Hampshire. They had a whole row of signs along the road like the one pictured below. Sorry the picture was a little blurry but you get the point.

sorry yet political sign

These types of signs started to appear as people were fed up with what going on in the government.

Why The Signs?

People use voting signage to show support for their chosen candidates or causes. They serve as a simple, visible way to influence others and spark conversations. Political signs can also strengthen a sense of community among like-minded neighbors.

They’re quick to set up and require minimal effort, yet they can have a big impact. By displaying these signs, individuals and businesses hope to sway opinions, encourage voter turnout, and make a statement about their values and beliefs.

Advertisements and The Landscape

Advertisement signs can really wreck the rural landscape. Big, flashy billboards and neon signs pull your eyes away from nature or beautiful architecture. They clutter the view, making it hard to enjoy the surroundings. Our rural town does not allow this type of billboards for anything.

These type of signs can turn scenic drives or walks into something ugly and distracting. Plus, they often don’t fit in with the character of the area.

People go to natural spots or historic towns to escape the noise and chaos of daily life, not to be bombarded with ads. These signs steal the peace and beauty from those experiences.

We notice when we return to our old home state of Rhode Island that the signs are blinding and make you feel anxious after not seeing them for long periods of time. It is hard to believe we lived with them for 50 years.

Conclusion: Election 2024 Signage

As the election approaches, we expect to see more advertisements in our neighborhood. Campaigns use these signs to increase visibility and support. They communicate key messages and remind voters of their choices.

We will keep an eye out for more signs in our rural area as the election day gets closer. 119 days left to go until November 5 arrives.

Are you seeing more signage for the upcoming election in your rural area? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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