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Gone Postal In Rural Post Office: 1 Way Crashing A Door Down

Recently someone went postal in our rural area by crashing the door at our local post office. From what I heard it was not open at a certain time and they went into a rage.

Usually, things are pretty quiet around here as I came from a walk in the lupines. I then went to pick up the mail and saw the scene of the broken door.

Disruption Caused Rage?

People rage when the post office isn’t open because it disrupts their plans. They might have taken time off work or made a special trip, only to find the doors closed. This isn’t just an inconvenience; it wastes their precious time.

For many, the post office holds things they need now—important documents, packages, or even money. When they can’t access these items, frustration boils over.

It feels like a faceless system is blocking their way, and that helplessness sparks anger.

Is that where the old saying “going postal” came from?

The Meaning of The Old Saying “Gone Postal”

The phrase “gone postal” comes from a series of workplace shootings by postal workers in the United States during the late 1980s and early 1990s. These tragic events highlighted extreme stress and frustration among postal employees.

The term quickly became slang for someone who loses control and becomes violently angry. It reflects the intense pressure and mental strain that can build up in high-stress jobs.

Today, it’s often used more loosely to describe an over-the-top reaction to stress or frustration.

What Is It About Mailing and Shipping That Makes People Go Nuts Today?

It could be related to the fact that many rely more on items being shipped to them like medicines and such. We do not have a pharmacy here in town and the next closed one is an hour away.

Others may still be looking for checks in the mail to arrive. We know how important those are today for shopping and surviving inflation at the same time.

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How To Help Others Calm Down

If you notice people are getting short on patience from the hot weather, or the high cost of everything there are a few things you do to help them remain calm.

To help someone calm down, start by listening. Don’t interrupt or offer solutions right away. Just let them talk. Show you care by nodding and making eye contact.

Speak softly and slowly; your calm voice can help soothe them. If they’re open to it, suggest some deep breathing. Counting breaths can be very effective. Sometimes a simple touch, like a hand on the shoulder, can offer comfort.

Avoid giving lots of advice; keep it simple and supportive. Remember, patience is key. Your goal is to be a calming presence, not to fix everything.

Conclusion: Helping Those That May Have Gone Postal

If you find yourself in this situation, take a deep breath and walk away. If you see someone like that, talk slowly to them after listening to their concerns. If all else fails, find a friend or family member who may be able to help them calm down.

Have you been witness to someone who had gone postal about something? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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