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Are More Lockdowns Coming? Lockdown Hysteria A New Norm

In light of the recent Maine lockdowns, I can’t help but ponder the concept of lockdowns. Are we overreacting every time fear arises and we are instructed to lock down?

Let me clarify, the situation in Maine last week was truly dreadful. It was an absolute tragedy. It should never happen anywhere.

The Fear Factor

Fear has the ability to distort our thoughts and push us to engage in peculiar behaviors. When overwhelmed by fear, our rationality can crumble, causing us to act in ways that may seem irrational to others.

Fear can cloud our judgment, leading us to make impulsive decisions or engage in unusual actions in an attempt to alleviate our anxieties. It is essential to recognize the power that fear holds over us and strive to maintain a level-headed approach, even in the face of uncertainty.

By understanding the impact fear can have on our behavior, we can better navigate its influence and make sound choices.

Maine Lockdowns

When we first moved to Maine we learned it was the safest state in the country. It’s a place where more people carry guns and there had been less violence than other states.

Only one state has both a higher rate of gun ownership and a lower rate of deaths by firearm than Maine. Only one state has both a higher rate of gun ownership and a lower rate of deaths by firearm than Maine.

The other state that ranks higher is Vermont, next to Maine.

According to reports by the Daily Mail and other news outlets, the bowling alley where the mass shooting occurred this week was designated as a no-gun zone establishment.

The First Lockdowns

We moved up to Maine from southern New England during the beginning of covid. Looking at houses for sale we had to wear masks with foot coverings and gloves. There were cameras set up by the realtors or home owners in the houses.

It was a crazy time. We were the only ones on the highway driving up on the weekend.

However, many locals laughed at the idea of lockdowns during that first year here in Maine. They said they always stood 6 feet apart from others as it was a rural area with few people around. They felt no need to lockdown.

But as time went on, the fear began to set in. Entering the next year, more people work masks and my husband got chased in the local grocery store to put on a mask or the manager would call the police.

We ended up leaving the store that night without making any purchases. However, we understand they were just doing their job.

We live in a sort of resort area and many people came up that summer from other states and masks could be seen on all the visitors.

Fear definitely had taken over our rural area by storm.

The Mental Health Aspect Of Lockdowns

The entire country noticed more suicides and shootings since the covid lockdowns began back in 2020. That was especially true for our countries youth population.

Not only did suicides go up but do did violence across the country from the mental health issues that were exasperated during lockdowns. Sadly, anxiety and depression remains at an all-time high. Even the medications for them are in short supply.

Hopefully, we will not have to go through another lockdown as it took such a toll on many peoples’ lives along with businesses.

The Media

Does the media coverage of lockdowns and mass shootings play a part in the role of fear? Does the public get more fearful the more they watch the news or read about it?

Media plays a significant role in the creation and perpetuation of hysteria. Through its constant dissemination of information and images, media has the power to influence public opinion and incite fear.

Sensationalized headlines and clickbait articles are designed to grab attention and generate high levels of engagement, often at the expense of accuracy and context. This can lead to the amplification of rumors, misinformation, and panic.

Additionally, the speed and reach of social media platforms enable the rapid spread of sensationalized stories, further fueling hysteria. As a result, media’s influence on shaping public perception and behavior during times of crisis cannot be underestimated.

The Covid Lockdown Myths

  1. They save lives
  2. Lockdowns keep people safer
  3. They protect you

Now years later it has been known that the lockdowns for spreading disease did not work. According to John Hopkins study, they did more harm than good. According to the report:

They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy.

You can review the entire PDF from the report here.

Lockdowns: What About In Other Circumstances?

The traditional responses for school shootings has been to go in lockdown since 1980 starting in Los Angeles. (You can Google it.) Since then they have been other types of responses that create a more blended response.

For example, the need for absolute silence during a traditional lockdown means that any attempt to barricade or reinforce a door or entry is discouraged.

New blended responses have updates to established lockdown methods. Like enhanced lockdowns and an evacuation option beyond traditional options—alongside new strategies.

Students and faculty are taught situational awareness skills to help them make informed decisions and strategies specific to their circumstance.

Will We Continue To Go Into Lockdowns In The Future?

There has been talk about future lockdowns for climate emergencies. Will people not drive their vehicles while world leaders fly around in their jets? Why are the current war zones not considered climate emergencies?

The New York Post and other media has been writing about this topic since 2021.

Conclusion Of Lockdown Hysteria

Before you start to lockdown from a virus or climate, read everything you can about the situation, from both sides. Make a plan beforehand. Understand the whys and consequences beforehand.

However, if you are going out to bowl or anywhere where there may be a crowd, think about the exits and your strategy if you are to encounter a horrible situation like the on that unfolded this week.

Think about how you want to defend yourself, your family or loved ones nearby.

As I kid I loved the Boston Bruins, they have a fund set-up to help the community of Lewiston, ME from this terrible event.

You can make a donation here:

Your Turn

Do you believe we are overreacting to these type of situations or are in a new normal time period in history?

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