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The Importance of Planning Living in a Rural Area For Survival

If you are thinking about moving to a rural area, you will need to know the importance of planning. There are many things that can go wrong if you don’t plan ahead. It’s often difficult to get help when you need it in rural areas of the country. Here are several reasons why the importance of planning is so important when you move to a rural area.

  • Services are often limited
  • There are usually no close neighbors to rely on
  • Help can be far away
  • Cell service may be limited
  • Weather can be brutal

Limited Services – Why Planning Is Important In Rural Areas

Services are often limited. When you live in a rural area, you can’t always count on having easy access to services like grocery stores, gas stations, banks, and medical services. This is why it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need before you need it.

Recently my laptop was acting up and instead of waiting for it to totally break down, I purchased a new one when I was in the bigger nearby town 2 hours away. I didn’t want to lose time with my business if I waited til I really needed it. Besides, I would have been in a panic as I work from home on the computer.

However, without proper planning on essential supplies, you might find yourself stranded without food or gas.

Important of Planning With No Close Neighbors

There are usually no close neighbors to rely on. In a rural area, your closest neighbor might be miles away. This can be a problem if you have an emergency and need help right away. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for what you would do in case of an emergency.

Who would you call? How would you get help? It’s also a good idea to get to know your neighbors so you can count on them in a pinch. Also, find out the nearest walk-in center or emergency room and Triple-A station if your car breaks down.

no houses nearby in rural area living
There are not many houses nearby living in rural areas, not like you can run to your neighbor’s house for help quickly.

My husband can fix anything but when he’s at work he is unreachable by phone. So, when I had a flat tire I called Triple A. I was pleasantly surprised to find a station in our area. However, many rural areas may not have one nearby.

The Importance of Planning For No Cell Phone Service

If you live in a rural area, there’s also a good chance that you won’t always have cell service. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to get directions or if you need to make a phone call but can’t because there’s no signal. To avoid being stranded without any way to communicate, it’s important to always have a physical map on hand.

Not only that but an have an emergency radio so that you can stay up-to-date on what’s going on even when there’s no cell service. Some folks who know the importance of planning purchase a satellite phone.

Help Often Far Away

If something goes wrong in a rural area, it might take longer for help to arrive than it would in a more populated area. That’s why it’s important to have a plan for how you would deal with an emergency situation until help arrives.

The old saying that accidents happen is true as I can tell you from experience. This was one before we moved in full-time to our northern New England rural area. After that, we had 2 moose hit the truck as well.

We were very lucky that we had cell service at the time of them. Just a few miles further and there would have been no cell service to call for help.

accidents happen
Learn how to plan if you have an accident in a rural area.

Again, knowing your neighbors and having a good relationship with them can be helpful in any type of situation. They might be able to provide assistance or at least keep an eye on your property or pet until help arrives.

Planning for Extreme Weather

Another thing to take into account when you live in a rural area is the weather. Because you’re not close to any major cities, you’re more likely to experience extreme weather conditions like blizzards and hurricanes.

This is why it’s so important to have an emergency kit stocked with food, water, and other supplies in case you get stranded due to bad weather. The importance of planning for bad weather cannot be stressed enough for your and your pets. Oftentimes, we see people who come to visit and do not have the proper clothing to withstand such low temperatures. More people die from freezing to death than from the heat.

importance of planning with extreme temps
In extreme temperatures, you will quickly learn the importance of planning.

Other areas of the country have to be prepared for tornados, hurricanes, or earthquakes. Each has its own emergencies to plan for.

Your Turn:

What is the importance of planning mean to you moving to a rural area? I’d love to hear from others who do live in a rural area and how they plan in advance for living there. Please leave a comment in the comment section below.


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